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My Own Projects:
Clone webpages from other sites in minutes....

This page shows a few of my own personal projects using the wysiwyg software, and the 4 pictures talking about a website called "tires-usa.com"  shows how you can import your old websites from the wayback machine directly onto the wysiwyg editing screen. You may need to do this at somepoint if you accidently deleted your files or if you simply want to clone a page.. In this example I am making alterations to a website that wasnt even built using this software originally. The site "TIRES-USA.COM" is actually a wordpress site but it still works pretty acceptably.

This type of clone tool is a powerful feature of the wysiwyg website builder suite, and it has the ability to save you hours and hours by merely mimicking old sites and using content again, instead of starting from scratch. You may well think to your self that most editors like dreamweaver have this option also, but the "true" drag and drop / wysiwyg capability between this HTML editor and that one is worlds apart, and using dreamweaver is still very hard for beginners.
Monetize your sites with simple to build affiliate links :
Simply add the ability to generate money from your websites by adding affiliate links to your pages in minutes....

The process to add these links is as simple as 1,2,3... when using wysiwygsoftware.com's super powerful and fast editing tool. It may sound a large feat to some but don't despair as all features I speak of on this website, are instructed out in the members forum with detailed notes and videos, plus when you buy the best website building tool on the market, you also get unrivaled primary support from myself who understands what its like to be a beginner not knowing your HTML from your elbow.

With using wysiwygsoftware and having the backup of myself, I can promise to get your affilaiate links up and running for you within 5 minutes... I also guarantee that the ways I show you, and the simplicity of the software combined means you will be able to do it time and time again on your own, once you have tried it a few times.. That's how adamant I am on the performance of the software and the backup you will get here....

Over to the left I am now going to give a quick tutorial on how to get a affiliate link up live with the potential to earn you money in less than 5 minutes.... (3 minutes if your timing me... ahaha) OK LETS GO!!!!
The affiliate link banner built and loaded onto your website in only 3 minutes challenge!!!!
Ok to make it even easier to understand we are going to place the affiliate link banner  ON THIS PAGE and all screen shots are LIVE as this is being written..

1. First we need our affiliate banner, so we open our images files and double tap our pre-saved banner image so it comes onto the canvas
2. Next we place the newly created image (affiliate banner) where we want it to be located on our webpage, and in this case its below this text.
3. Now we double click on the image and click where it says "LINK" at the top of the edit box. Presuming you have  already got your affiliate URL link "COPIED" and awaiting to be "PASTED", we simply apply this presaved URL to the Box that says "URL LINK".... We also fill out the descriptive text that tells google and the search engines what they are looking at for our SEO good practice.
4. We then click "SAVE" and believe it or not but that is an affiliate banner FULLY WORKING.... (obviously it needs uploading to the internet, but that is done when the whole page goes live)…..

So guys I think you can agree its a SUB 3 MINUTE PROCESS, and that's generally how easy most of the tasks are when using wysiwygsoftware to build a professional looking website.
5. And for the final part of this demo, I ask you to click the back to the future car link and it should take you to a website called the waybackmachinedownloader.com, If it does guys, its working perfectly...….(its a great site by the way, and if you want to be the ultimate in lazy you can just buy old domains, and reuse retired websites)